We Remember Those Who Are Engraved

Every individual has  a different way of remembering their loved ones who have passed away. One form of remembering is through the art of engraving which permanently marks and honors all of those who will be missed. You can see engravings on valuable objects such as on rings, necklaces, or memorials. Engraving names onto an object is a work of art which carries a lot of significance.  Each engraved name carries so many memories of that person who passed away.  Similarly, society chooses to remember as a whole those who have passed away by engraving names onto memorials.There is just something about going to a place where names are engraved and the emotions engravings bring out. We externalize the memory of those who passed away by physically getting together at memorial sites where the presence of the dead are represented by a carved name. We preserve the memories by visiting these memorial sites and bringing flowers  which symbolizes love to the dead. We bring objects to these sites to show how much we value our loved ones that past away. The importance of visiting these memorials sites lies in the beliefs of bringing peace and love to all those who lost their lives.

9/11 Memorial

At the 9/11 memorial site at New York, we can see the beautiful memorial visited by many people daily choosing to keep the memories of the deceased alive. At the memorial site, there is a huge water fountain with the names engraved of nearly 3,000 people who died that day. The water  in the water fountain represents different things within different beliefs like bringing purity and serenity to the dead. This water fountain symbolizes all of the lives that were lost and having the names of the victims engraved shows that they will never be forgotten. By engraving the names of the victims is a way to remember as a whole group because everyone is welcomed to visit the site. This memorial has the power to evoke emotions from all different people. For example,the 9/11 memorial is not only visited by the family members of the dead, but by tourists everyday. When tourists step into this memorial site they get a closer experience to what happened that day and all the lives that were lost. There is an emotional aspect of visiting a site where hundreds of people lost their lives and that is why it is important to visit the 9/11 Memorial and show our respect.


( Photo Credit :http://www.asla.org/2012awards/512.html)

Vietnam War Memorial

We also can see the same strategy of remembering people at the Vietnam War Memorial also known as the “Wall that Heals”. The Vietnam Memorial is a huge wall that contains 58,000 names of all the brave soldiers who died during the war. Thousands of people go to this site to look for the name of their loved ones and reminisce. This engraved memorial, serves as a place of healing to all the families that lost a loved one during the war. This wall brings closure to  families that believed they were never going to say goodbye to their loved ones again. When families gather at these sites it gives them a sense of relief seeing that their loved one’s name is engraved on a permanent spot.The Vietnam Memorial is a place of peace where people gather and show their respect to all of the brave soldiers that lost their lives. Engravings show the love for someone who sacrificed their life at memorials.


(Photo Credit: http://mshistorynow.mdah.state.ms.us/articles/323/the-vietnam-war-and-mississippi)

We choose to remember by engraving names onto memorial sites and visiting them to never forget them. Engravings are a way of preserving the memories of those who died.  It is easier to remember as a group, because we can only retain so much little details of what happened at these events, but we must come together and share them at these sites. Both of the memorials hold so much value and as long as people keep going to these memorial sites it proves that these peoples lives will not be forgotten. In general, we remember things when they are written down therefore having a memorial site with engraved names shows the importance of not forgetting any person. At these permanent engraving sites you will find people sharing their peace and love.