Scrapbooks – A Way To Preserve Memory

Scrapbooking is a practice that has been around for years now and the earliest findings of scrapbooks date back to the 17th century. Scrapbooking is about expressing one’s thoughts, feelings and sentiments by placing pictures/objects together that relate to a memory. Modern scrapbooking has several different purposes however the main reason a person would choose to scrapbook now is to have something special to look back on. When creating a scrapbook the first thing to consider is what is it that you want to remember?

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A scrapbook is a decorated photo album that preserves stories/ memories behind a photo, it can also hold memorabilia such as tickets, certificates, letters and many other things. A scrapbook is special because it allows memory to be preserved through combining pictures and other objects that relate to the picture to create a story. Scrapbooks as opposed to other forms of preserving memory are special because they’re very personal and allow whoever is making it freedom to create something unique to look back on.

Scrapbooks give the creator the personal freedom to choose how they remember something. For example, the person creating the scrapbook can choose a theme and use stickers, glitter, and many other decorative objects to make a scrapbook page special. Scrapbooking may seem like just a simple fun arts and crafts project however the placements of pictures and objects are important because they contribute to the externalization of memory.

Angling a picture a specific way may seem insignificant to most people but to the creator of the scrapbook it is crucial. Matching pictures witch specific borders or colors is also important because when attempting to relive a memory these elements can help elicit certain feelings that can take you back to that exact moment that the picture was taken.


Scrapbooking is a main way to store memories and be able to access them whenever you’d like. Placing pictures/objects in a specific spot and decorating the page of a scrapbook however you want will affect how you remember things when you decide to look back at the scrapbook in the future. Scrapbooking can be time consuming however it isn’t hard to pick up on it and below is a link to get started:

Scrapbooking For Beginners – Tips + Ideas