Dia De Los Muertos, To Mourn or To Celebrate the Dead?

Death itself is tragic; thoughts of losing a loved one seems inconceivable. When someone dies the victims tend to mourn. For Dia De Los Muertos, a two day celebration on  the dead, the families of Mexico don’t just mourn the dead, rather they celebrate the dead.

Especially day two of Dia De Los Muertos, families all over Mexico tend to celebrate the day with festivities such as dancing, music, and sing along songs.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.30.04 AM Found on Google images

The reason behind the festive culture is to celebrate the best of their lost loved ones. The communities of Mexico dance for their lost loved ones, they eat the food that their lost ones used to love to eat, and so much more. Practically, everything they due for the second day is to celebrate all the qualities that made the dead special as they were living before they died.

By mocking the idea of death, Mexican families are viewing death as nothing more than a part of life. Peter Ward, a professor of sociology and C. B. Smith, Sr. Centennial Chair in United States-Mexico Relations #2, states that “Mexicans revere death and do not fear the afterlife to the same degree as many other culture.”

With this mentality, the people of Mexico are able to remember the dead in a new meaning and by doing so they remember the dead different than most cultures. By believing death is another part of life it provides a new sense of environment for the dead. It provides a change in ideas for what to do when a loved one dies. The act of using memories to create an upbeat environment is one that fascinated me since in America that kind of attitude towards the dead has not been socially adopted.


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